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Magical Island

Filed under: General News — Miss Bird at 4:51 pm on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome to the Spring term. Our new topic has started off intriguing with little being revealed. All we know if that somehow our classroom has turned into an island.

We have no idea where we are however we have done lots of research to find out.

We have learnt that we are an island, a forest island. So … we used atlases to find all the islands in the world and all of the main rainforests. Some thought we might be in madagascar, some in Australia. All good suggestions. We had to research because a message in a bottle turned up and we need to reply!


We have since become experts about our island – trying to find out as much as we can about rainforests so that we can reply to the letter and send back information pages. Hopefully that will help them find us!

Not only that though… we know that this is no ordinary island. There is magical beings, like fairies and sprites. They have been leaving mysterious notes and have been playing tricks around our classroom. They even showed us some magic!



Here is our artwork relating to this mysterious topic. Maybe you can figure out what it is about! We are definitely looking forward to finding out more.

stormy seas on PhotoPeach

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