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Features of a newspaper

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For this week’s homework, we are bringing home a newspaper article and have to identify the features. We can also use an article at home to find the features as extra.


Here are the features with a brief description of what it is to help.

Headline – usually only four or five words. It tries to attract the interest of the reader by telling them what the story is about, in a short and interesting way.

By-line – who wrote the article.

Introduction – It will set the scene and summarise the main points of the article:

who, what, when, where.

Body – provides more detail about the event, in particular it answers the questions how and why.

Quotes – sometimes articles will include what a person (like an eye-witness or an expert) has said. These will be in speech marks.

Photograph and caption – sometimes articles have a photograph, and a sentence explaining the photograph.

Past tense – language which describes what has already happened in the past e.g. believed not believe or believing, ran not running or run.

Time conjunctions- a conjunction is a linking word such as and, or, but. Conjunctions are used to connect words or sentences. The words before, after, as, when, while, until, since, are also conjunctions. They tell when something happens, so they are called conjunctions of time.


We hope this helps. Please ask a class teacher if you are unsure of anything.


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